We offer an extensive range of cables and wires at a consistently high level of quality.

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Our Cables

  • Single-cores and Wires
  • Cables for Drive Technology
  • Cables for E-Mobility
    • AC and DC Charging

  • Speciality and Hybrid Cables
    • Medical Technology
    • Automation Technology
    • Renewable Energy

For Assemblies

Our cables and wires are versatile and are used in many different sectors.

  • Electric Drive Systems
  • Cabling / Energy Supply
  • Control Cabinets
  • Sensors / Actuators

For Terminal Equipment

  • Processing Machines
  • Cranes and Hoisting Equipment
  • Chemical and Processing Facilities
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Specialised Applications
  • Medical Technology
  • Electric Home Appliances
  • Robots, Tooling, and Conveying Technology
  • Building Equipment
  • Safety and Fire Alarm Systems

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You can contact us at +49 3521 / 723 - 0 or by email info@kabelwerk.de