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Luftaufnahme Kabelwerk Meissen

Kabelwerk Meissen's roots reach back to the founding of its fuse factory in 1864. By 1933, the company had already reached 1,000 employees. After the Second World War, the plant was expropriated by Soviet occupying forces and partially demolished. The reconstruction and resumption of production did not begin until 1948.

In 1990, Kabelwerk Meissen was taken over by Siemens. In mid-1995, a transfer of ownership resulted in Kabelwerk Meißen Wilhelm Balzer Ltd.

Since 2012, Kabelwerk Meissen has been a member of the international HELUKABEL Group. Today, Kabelwerk Meissen is a leading manufacturer of flexible cables and wires and can call itself one of the oldest, continuous operations in this branch in Germany.

For many years, their team of enthusiastic and experienced employees with creative ideas and technical competencies has been a high-demand partner to the industry with myriad solutions involving cables and wires. The expansive quantity of mechanical equipment is constantly being modernised and is split into two production facilities covering roughly 20,000 m2 and allows us to produce everything "under one roof."

The production of specialty stranded wires and conductors (up to 1,000 t/month) as well as of insulation and sheath materials (PVC, 6000 t/year capacity) takes place in Meissen. The constant monitoring of all process steps, the demanding, internal quality standards and the consistent implementation of QM guidelines acc. to ISO 9001:2015 guarantees a perpetually high product quality coming out of Meissen.

The precise utilisation of resources from colleges, scientific institutions, and the long-term cooperation with suppliers is, understandably, common practice when developing new products. As a middle-sized company, Kabelwerk Meissen is flexible and able to realise individual customer requests on short notice.

Being a member of an international corporate group gives Kabelwerk access to the resources required to tackle the demands of even large contracts.

Numbers and Facts

  • Material throughput/year: Copper 5,000t
  • QM System: ISO 9001:2017, ISO 50001:2021
  • Certification: VDE, DNV-GL, UL (AWM, MTW), CSA, EN50620, IEC62893

Annual revenue in mil. €
Area of corporate grounds in m²


Our customers have the right to expect high-quality products from Kabelwerk Meissen. In order to fulfil this demand 365 days a year, we operate our own chemical and physical laboratory, a testing centre, and an expansive quality assurance department.

In our materials laboratory, all raw materials and semi-finished products intended for line production are tested to make sure they meet the required qualitative and quantitative parameters. At the same time, the laboratory is the basis for our constant development and improvement of products.

The testing centre, with its expansive facilities, allows us to perform long-term tests on our products according to prevailing technical requirements and practical operating conditions. High mechanical demands for cables are tested using different drag chain testing stands with up to 40m travel distances or cables are tested for suitability in bending and torsion applications. Kabelwerk Meissen has been certified acc. to ISO 9001 since 2006.